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Friday, 5 June 2009

Ministers keep Brown out of cowardice

Listening to Nick Robinson on the BBC News earlier summarising why the cabinet ministers who could have forced Brown out today declined to do so made my blood boil. He said in terms that they were fearful that if they did force Brown out then they would have to face the electorate soon afterwards.

How utterly pathetic. They go on, and on, and on about democracy and listening to the people and yet, when it comes down to it the reason why they continue to inflict the worst Prime Minister in living memory on the rest of us is basic political cowardice.

They will have to face the electorate in 12 months anyway. Is it really worth keeping a hugely damaged, delusional, vacuous and bullying man like this in place just for a few more months suckling at the teat of ministerial office? Really? REALLY?

In the meantime the rest of country suffers as they all mouth pieties and platiitudes about how he is the "right man for the times". Do they think we are all idiots? It is blatantly obvious to everyone that Brown is finished and has absolutely no vision for the country. They are keeping him in place out of fear for their own jobs and careers.

When the time comes for this lot if they don't do something about their leadership, it will be worse than it was for the Tories in 1997. I can see it coming a mile off. They will be eviscerated and dismembered. People will ask each other for years "Were you up for Jack Straw?" and half the cabinet will lose their seats (well the elected ones at any rate). Labour will be out of power for a generation, possibly for ever.

The Labour Party deserves better than this and they all know it. They just can't see beyond the end of their ministerial perks to do anything about it.

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