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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

"Gordon Brown resign" petition - join the 64,000+

The "Please go" petition on the No 10 website is now past 64,000 signatures. After a period of slower growth in the last two weeks (presumably due to the distraction of the expenses scandal) it seems to have gone back to growing much more quickly.

I think this is because people are starting to realise across the country that Gordon Brown has to go now. The man is deluding himself if he thinks he can recover from this. He is supposed to be battling the recession but I suspect much of his energies are being put into desperately trying to consolidate his own position. this cannot go on.

If you have not already done so please go and sign the petition and join the more than 64,000 people who have already done so. We can all send Mr Brown a message during the election tomorrow but that could be misinterpreted. If there is a continued massive growth on the petition website, that cannot be misinterpreted by anyone.


Kalvis Jansons said...

Thank you for this post. The petition could become quite important in the next few weeks, when the focus of the news will be very much on Mr Brown.

Mark Senior said...

Although I would agree Brown should go , this petition is a waste of space . So 64,000 have signed it , that means that roughly 42,000,000 have not signed it and presumably are not desparate for Brown to go now .