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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Liam Byrne was unintelligible on Today this morning

I listened to the 8:10am interview with Liam Byrne and Phillip Hammond this morning on the Radio 4 Today programme and I could hardly understand a word of what Liam Byrne was saying.

He kept talking about "tough choices" and "difficult decisions" but as far as I could tell he didn't answer a single one of John Humphries questions, he just blethered on about Tory cuts whilst failing to acknowledge that Labour will on their own figures have to cut too.

It is absolutely pathetic. Do politicians who do this, really think they are fooling anyone? They just come across as evasive and in Byrne's case today unintelligible. I follow politics very closely and have a fair grasp of the economic issues involved but I did not understand what Byrne was on about by the end of the interview.

I almost get tired of saying this but if politicians want to understand why people feel so disengaged from politics, they should listen to Byrne from this morning and try to put themselves in the shoes of an ordinary voter.


Richard Gadsden said...

I think someone like Liam Byrne thinks he can't achieve anything positive by that interview because there aren't enough people listening; the only way a clip gets repeated and rebroadcast is if he makes a "gaffe" - so he will do anything to avoid making one.

Fausty said...

Most Labour MPs can't put themselves in the public's shoes.

While they make (and supposedly, vet) our laws, they are not subject to our taxes or the laws which most of us have to abide by - thanks to them.

"Crisis? What crisis?" (Callaghan)

Cardinal Richelieu's mole said...

The explanation for how New Labour Ministers will approach the "cuts" issue is given here - - by Fraser Nelson. He thereby provides an insight into why New Labour ministers sound unintelligible.

He states, "Do Labour’s published plans envisage real-terms spending cuts in the three years after Apr11? The answer is ‘yes’, yet ministers have been instructed to lie and say ‘no’. While Brown himself can lie as easily as he can breathe, his ministers struggle to - like Liam Byrne on Today this morning. This poses a quandary for Brown. Should be now abandon his beloved Labour Spending v Tory Cuts strategy?" - and goes on to explain why Brown lies all the time.

It is a great pity we have unfit people like Brown in our Body Politic.