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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Other Reckonings - 9th June 2009 - Electoral Reform Special!

Seeing as there has been so much discussion on Twitter and in the blogs tonight about the floated proposals from the government for electoral reform, I thought I'd make tonight's OR a special about that:

  • Costigan Quist thinks the lack of proportionality with AV and a timetable will make this yet another piece of Brown fudge.
  • Andy Hinton thinks that senior Lib Dems need to get a line on our view of AV fast! I can give them one right now!
  • Jennie Rigg pleads to Cthulhu for STV and asks why can't we have it. Amen.
  • Iain Dale thinks the move is an attempt to save Brown's face.
  • And Conservative Home are unsurprisingly against the plans suggesting that there is no clamour for change. Maybe not from Tories but there is from many others quarters, I can assure them. What's more surprising is that most of the comments don't even seem to understand what AV is!
  • One more for good luck. Rene Kinzett, Conservative PPC with a message to his fellow party members to embrace the opportunity to lead on reform. Looks like we might have another in the mould of Mr Carswell!


Unknown said...

Danny Alexander was pathetic on BBC News tonight. He constantly ducked the question of what voting system he preferred, and didn't mention the words "Single Transferable Vote" once. What's going on at Lib Dem HQ?

Richard Gadsden said...

I remember Rene from when he was a Lib Dem. I think he was one of those people who was a Lib Dem because he was pro-PR.