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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

What does Gordon Brown think he sounds like?

Having seen and read the reports and highlights from today's PMQs and read a fair few blog posts about it, I just wonder what Gordon Brown think he sounds like when he relentlessly drivels on about Tory cuts vs Labour investment insisting that Labour will increase spending in real terms in the next few years.

It is so manifestly untrue that Tom Bradby ITV's political editor as good as said so on the report tonight. I am sure a few years ago that political editors did not feel that they could basically state that the Prime Minister of the day was a liar but it seems par for the course these days because it is true.

This recent Politics Home opinion poll shows that Labour is the least believed of the 3 major parties on spending on frankly I am not surprised.

I just wonder what he thinks he sounds like because to me it seems mendacious and politically tone deaf.


Alan Smart said...

Bradby - top bloke

Anonymous said...

The brown beast clearly has more than just a screw loose.

Cardinal Richelieu's mole said...

This is the greatest and most profound New Labour sin - it has destroyed the credibility and hence basic trust that was a foundation of sensible politics in this country.

Now whenever I hear a New Labour minister, I just assume that if the cheating and lying is not obvious, I have not been paying close enough attention.

It is an evil legacy to have left. Clearly though, Brown, Blair and Co. will feel no shame.