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Monday, 1 June 2009

Farewell Darling?

Alistair Darling must be very worried this morning after the latest revelations in the Telegraph regarding the fact that he claimed for two properties simultaneously.

It seems to me that with all the other information that had come out about Darling, he is now more implicated in this scandal than some of the others who have already announced that they will step down and/or been removed from their party's front benches.

In that case of Mr Darling it is vital that he is seen to be above all this. He is in charge of the nation's finances and any suspicion that he has been involved in impropriety like this must surely mean the end of his ministerial career.

This leaves a big slot open in Gordon's government. The rumours are that he will fill it with Balls. Surely he can't be that stupid? Can he?

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triplettravel said...

Balls is the obvious choice. He is the best comedy name available after Darling.