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Monday, 1 June 2009

Proportional representation debated on Iain Dale's internet radio show

On Friday night I called into Iain Dale's radio show to talk about electoral reform and proportional representation. I had a good stab at trying to persuade him, a sceptic on this issue of the merits of a proportional system.

They have just uploaded the podcast so in you are interested, have a listen to it here. I am on from about 8:00 minutes until about 18:00 minutes in (or via the embedded player below). There were also further calls later that picked up on this theme including a particularly interesting one from a chap in Canada where they had recently had an unsuccessful referendum on this issue.

UPDATE: Ooh, ooh, Mr Peebly. I've just realised I can embed the player for the podcast so you can listen to it here:

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Jock Coats said...

I notice that todays' ComRes poll asked about PR and 61% I think it was said they wanted such electoral reform.

I notice that on TV whenever they have a Tory asked about PR they instantly fly off on none based on the idea that all PR is done the way the Euros are done - on closed party lists.

Even Douglas Carswell came out at the weekend on his blog as in favour of STV + Primaries (I don't believe the latter are necessary under STV but I'll happily accept primaries in return for a Tory supporting PR).